How (not) to lose weight: Two points of view

View 1: Trying to lose weight? It's so simple...

It's sufficient to start the day with healthy cereals. Hmm, the lady on the box is soooo slim and the children beside her looking really happy. Plus low-fat strawberry-flavored miracle in the form of "healthy" diary product for kids and those who want to be in a good shape... perfect.


Time for a snack - we are told to eat at least 6 times a day. Let's enjoy the black bagel with a white layer of healthy stuff from fresh milk in the form of cheese with a picture of beautiful happy cows dwelling on an alpine meadow..

The lunch time is coming, what is on the menu today? Pancakes, French fries, steak... I can't enjoy these foods right now. My will is strong... I'll have a salad! However, I am not a rabbit, the salad must include a little bit of yogurt (!) dressing. Proteins are crucial. And what a nice surprise - croutons! Even healthy salad can taste pretty good. And a glass of vitamins in the form of orange juice.

Evening is approaching, a critical time - fatigue and enormous temptation to eat something... anything! What can I have? I do not drink coffee now, it is not healthy. What about coke? Of course diet, no sugar or calories! One must drink enough, I take the pack of 2 liters. Amazing invention this coke - the taste is amazing, yet it contains no sugar whatsoever.

After the entire day of the office boredom and Internet surfing, I can finally go home. Now, however, the main goal of our existence is to lose weight, so I go to the local gym. Well, the stationary bike is amazing, however, there is an abrupt pain in my muscles and fatigue is attacking again. No problem! Energy gel for athletes saves my training. Then a little workout, shower and protein cocktail to promote muscle growth.

On my way home I usually stop by for a dinner. What about pizza? This is great idea - a combination of vegetables in the form of tomato paste, cheese as a source of proteins and cereal dough. Perfectly balanced delicacy!

However, such diet would have been only 5 servings of foods, including snack in the gym. I must provide a regular supply of nutrients - a second evening small course is generally recommended and therefore I have a handful of dried apricots.

View 2: Trying to gain weight? It's so simple...

Let's start with a caloric bomb full of sugars (120 g of carbohydrates, 2000 kJ), wrapped in an oversized design box... and it must be submerged in another decent source of sugars, flavors and similar crap (50 g of carbohydrates, 1300 kJ).

The stomach finally got rid of the burden. What?! Another food? That soon? A white, pseudo-cereal wheat product colored by caramel (35 g of carbohydrates, 690 kJ)? And what a treat on the top?! Processed cheese with lot of salt and minimum (if any) healthy substances? Well, maybe a lunch will save the day.

A vegetable for the lunch? Impressive! Oh no, just dried slices of carrots from the previous year and faded lettuce grown on wool under artificial light. Still, it's much better than fatty nice-smelling cheese sauce and pasta my colleague enjoys. Well, it migh not be - a "yogurt" dressing comes. Salad happily swims in the portion of saturated fats and carbohydrates. It tastes great, chemistry wins! And what about the fried toast, cutely diced ... 60 g of carbohydrates in total, 2400 kJ and over 60 g of fat. As a bonus a glass of fruit concentrate, also known as "juice". Vitamins - almost zero, sugar - a lot: 18 g, energy - not a little: 370 kJ.

The blood sugar goooooes up ... and then ... the hard fall and fatigue follow. Now what? Coke?! Yeah "diet", the bones and skin devastating phosphoric acid together with a dose of sodium cyclamate, acesulfame K, aspartame ... It's hard to say what is worse - whether it is 27 cubes of sugar in one liter of the black poison, or a mixture of toxic artificial sweeteners.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing so why not to move from a keyboard full of bacteria to the gym for a dose of mites, yeast and maybe even grab the fungi. They love sugar we consume! But what's going on? The body lacks the energy the artificial sweeteners did not provide. Never mind, another portion of chemicals with a great deal of sugars in the form of energy gel saves us. And the kidneys must also suffer a little, let's have a protein drink! Quite a lot of overpriced 65 g of carbohydrates and 1350 kJ.

For now it's enough isn't it? Pizza quatro formaggi, gloria Italia! This delicacy would satisfy a hungry elephant: 110 g carbohydrates, 3620 kJ. Well, the ketchup is left without any comment, rather a vegetable parody... Hopefully, the handful of apricots did not contain any sulphur (50 g carbohydrate, 1010 kJ).

The total daily intake is 508 g carbohydrates (equivalent to 127 sugar cubes), or in other words approximately 150% of the maximum recommended dose for a model man, and 12750 kJ consumed versus 10000 kJ burnt. Nice score :-)